5 Unpopular Opinions I Have About Harry Potter

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I know a lot of readers are huge, avid, die-hard Harry Potter fans. While I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, I am a far cry from their biggest fan. Because of this, I have quite a few unpopular opinions when it comes to the series. These days, some are far less unpopular than others, but still…

Without any further ado, my unpopular opinions about Harry Potter!

#5- I Don’t Like Dumbledore


This is an opinion that isn’t quite as unpopular as it used to be. But, to me, Dumbledore was manipulative and vague, even when he didn’t need to be. He leaves a child in an abusive home when (to me) it seems completely unnecessary. It seems like he did almost nothing to keep Sirius out of Azkaban, and he uses and manipulates actual CHILDREN throughout the entire series. I get that there is some need for secrecy, but come on. Would it kill him to be honest with even one of the “Golden Trio?” Or really, anyone else for that matter?

#4- I Also Hate Snape


Also not as unpopular as it used to be. But, from where I sit, Snape is not a good person. He goes out of his way to make children miserable, he has a serious “friend-zone” complex (don’t even get me started), and he’s so stuck in his own past that he refuses to try to find a way out of his misery, even at the expense of the people around him. And, at least it seems to me, he didn’t realize he was in the wrong with the Death Eaters until the woman who “friend-zoned” him died. And then, all the “good things” he did, he did for her, a dead woman. Not because they were the right thing to do, but because he felt he owed some debt to a woman he loved (which is far from romantic, if you ask me). Plus, rather than recognizing that Harry was also Lily’s son (ya know, the woman he claims to love), he chooses to hate Harry for the sins of his father. I just… ugh.

#3- Also, I Don’t Like Ron Weasley


I just… he always seems so judgmental, and it seems he’s always whining about one thing or another. And the way he mocks Hermione for being passionate about learning and about the world in general? I hate that she marries him. It seems like he’s always taking something or someone for granted, but it still all works out for him in the end, and he’s never really forced, or even really asked, to change.

#2- I Can’t Stand the Ginny x Harry Storyline


It isn’t necessarily that I think the characters would never end up together, it’s just, I didn’t see enough of them together to make it believable. The whole relationship felt kinda forced and sudden to me, and I don’t think Harry respected Ginny the way she deserved, or would demand, and I don’t think she understood the pain he had experienced as well as some other characters might. The whole thing just screams “AWKWARD!!” to me.

#1- I Don’t Understand Why Houses Are A Good Thing


It seems like everyone and their mother has a ton of house pride, and I’ll admit, I’ve been tempted to buy my fair share of Ravenclaw gear. That being said, I think the Houses are actually a TERRIBLE idea! For one thing, it’s basically telling young kids who they are instead of letting them discover that for themselves. #2- It makes people judge other students simply based on what House they’re in, and creates a lot of “Well, I don’t want to be associated with those people” mentalities. And finally, it just doesn’t make sense? It separates kids who could otherwise build each other up and teach each other new things. Imagine who Draco Malfoy could have been if his entire school career had been spent with people like Ginny or Neville or Luna. Instead, he (and many students like him) are put into a House together so they can feed each other’s bad habits! Like, instead of giving them the opportunity to broaden their thinking, they are instead put into a House where, for the most part, people think just like them. I think the idea of Houses just results in a lot of failed potential and lack of growth.

Main Quest

Thanks for reading!

What about you? Do you have any unpopular Harry Potter opinions? Do you agree with any of mine? Or maybe you think I’m absolutely crazy (which I can’t really deny)? Let me know in the comments below!


28 thoughts on “5 Unpopular Opinions I Have About Harry Potter

  1. The only one I agree with is Ginny and Harry being a terrible ship. They were just underdeveloped in the books, and their storyline was made even worse in the movies. 😩 But I absolutely love Ron; I personally think he’s hated on too much. 🙈 And I like Dumbledore and Snape; ah well if people think I’m crazy for liking them! 😂

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    • Oh my goodness, the movie relationship drove me insane! It just seemed sooo awkward!

      I always feel a little bad, because one of my best friends LOVES the series, and she loves Ron, so sometimes I feel a little guilty confessing my dislike of him. I don’t think he’s awful or anything, he just had me rolling my eyes more than usual.

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  2. I HATE Ron and Hermione. I really don’t know how anyone even ships that?
    And Snape needed some serious counseling. I’ve ranted about him before – but I don’t understand why we lionize someone who was cruel and unkind most of his life. People should choose good, not just because of great loss. But because it is the right thing to do. And Snape’s character never seemed to choose the right for the sake of the right.

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  3. I think you brought up some really great points I probably noticed at some point but it’s been so long since I’ve read the books that I’ve forgotten, haha. I also really didn’t care for Ginny x Harry. It felt like he got interested in her out of nowhere.

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  4. Whatttt you don’t love Ron??? I think I have a soft spot for him because he reminds me of me so much. Like, he’s always so underestimated and like I hope at least i’m underestimating and people aren’t accurately estimating my capabilities as low if you know what I mean. But I totally agree with the Harry and Ginny one! I always thought their relationship kinda came out of nowhere on the Harry side and I saw them too much as sister and brother to really get behind it. I’m personally a fan of Harry and Luna although I also would’ve been fine if Harry didnt get together with anyone until the epilogue and it ended up being a random unimportant character you know? Surprised I’m saying this, but I didn’t really want to ship Harry with anyone during the book because HE NEEDS TO SAVE THE WORLD and his friendships with Ron and Hermione were just too precious and all the feel good I needed.

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    • I don’t DISlike him, I just… don’t like him, if that makes sense. Like, I don’t think he’s an awful person or anything, he just got on my nerves sometimes. But he definitely has some great qualities!

      And that’s how I felt about Harry’s relationship, too! Like if he really needed one (which I don’t think he did) I usually see him better with Luna!

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  5. Oh my god I literally agree with ALL OF THESE. Dumbledore is one of my least favorite characters, I find him so manipulative but also just really smug and holier-than-thou in a way that I find so grating to read. And the way JK Rowling writes romance is one of my least favorite things about the series… I hate the whole ‘everyone marries their high school sweetheart’ thing – how is that real life?! There was just no chemistry between Harry and Ginny… And I TOTALLY AGREE about the houses being a terrible idea. I guess it’s one of those archaic traditions that they kept up without stopping to evaluate the fact that it actually does more harm than good.

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  6. You make a really interesting point about the houses, I like the houses in general (I am a proud Hufflepuff!) but I did always find it problematic how Slytherin were painted as ‘the evil house’, like, how would that make you feel as an 11 year old if you were pretty much told that you were evil?!

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  7. I love this post so much!! 1) because so many people are afraid to say this stuff and 2) because I have unpopular opinions about harry potter too!! I also don’t like dumbldore. I agree he should have just TOLD THEM THE TRUTH!! and gosh yes Ron is so unbelievably meh as a character. And I agree about how the Ginny relationship being forced, though I don’t mind it so much as endgame, I just think it could have done with more time to develop. And I totally get your points on the houses- however I do think Rowling did it well and there are also justifications and interesting complexity behind it, so it’s never been something I complained about.

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