How I Rate Books

How I Rate:

I rate books based on a five-star scale:

  • 1 Star I strongly disliked this book; I would not recommend it at all
  • 2 Stars– I didn’t really like this book; I would be cautious about recommending this book, and then only to specific people
  • 3 Stars– I thought this book was okay; I would probably recommend it to people familiar with the genre
  • 4 Stars– I enjoyed this book; I would strongly recommend this book to most people
  • 5 Stars– I loved this book; Everyone should read it! It’s a new favorite

How I Read:

There are several things I look at when writing my review. I look at characters, how they are developed, whether they are well-rounded, how their character arcs unfold. I also look at quality of writing: Is the descriptive language effective? Are descriptions, plots, and characters naturally developed, or do they seem forced?

For fantasy/sci-fi novels, I make sure to look at setting and cultures: Are the laws of the land clear and consistent? Is the culture fleshed-out and believable in regards to the setting?

For poetry, I look at language and technique: Is there a musicality in the language, or does its lack thereof contribute to the poems? Are there cliches, or are the thoughts original? Is it full of abstractions/unnecessary ambiguity, or does the author allow me access to the abstract through their use of concrete imagery and details?

I don’t look at other reviews before I have written my own so that my opinion isn’t influenced by anyone else’s.

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