Unique Blogger Award #2

Hi there everyone! The amazing Shouni over at Through the Book Portal nominated me for this award forever ago. Make sure you go check out her blog!

I have been so excited to finally do this post, so let’s get to it!

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Top 5 Tuesday- Favorite Side Characters

Happy Tuesday, you awesome readers!! I’m back with another Top 5 Tuesday post hosted by the awesome Shanah @ Bionic BookwormThis week’s Top 5 Tuesday is secretly a Top 10 Tuesday, and it’s all about our favorite side characters! I have a lot of love for side characters, so I’ve been pretty excited about this one for the whole month! (Also, please forgive me if some of these are from the same series/author.)

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Top 5 Tuesday- Retellings!!!

Happy Tuesday my wonderful reader friends! I’m here with another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the incredible Bionic Bookworm (seriously, if you’re not already following Shanah, you need to re-evaluate some choices). A couple weeks ago, our topic was buzzwords that make us want to read a book. If you saw my T5T post for that week, you’ll know retellings are among some of my favorite bookish buzzwords, so naturally, I am super excited for this week’s Top 5 Topic: our favorite retellings!

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Truly Praise-Worthy Poetry

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Title: Begin With a Failed Body
Author: Natalie Graham
Type: Poetry
Length: 90 pages
Published by: University of Georgia Press
Pub date: Sept 15th, 2017
Format: PDF
Source: A digital copy was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: ★★★★★

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The short version: This is a fantastic collection of poetry that absolutely deserves the award it was given! (Learn more about the Cave Canem Prize here.)Read More »