4 Questions to Ask When Making a Blogging Schedule

Happy Friday fellow readers! Last week, I started a little mini-series on having a blog schedule. I’ve seen some people say they ABSOLUTELY NEED their schedule aka me, and I’ve seen some people say they work better without one I’m jealous. Last week, I talked about why I choose to have a schedule, so this week, I thought I’d give some basic pointers on how to make your own!

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Top 5 Tuesday- Characters I’d Team Up With to Rule the World

As if I needed help in ruling the world! And thus does my evil laughter ensue! BWAHAHAHA!

In all seriousness, though, I have been super excited for this topic! I’m pretty sure I’ve said that for every Tuesday this month, but what can I say? Shanah @ BionicBookworm had some great September Top 5 Topics!

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Top 5 Tuesday- My Dream Reading Spaces

Hello to all you amazing people! It’s Tuesday, which means today there’s a special at one of my favorite pizza shops! ;P But more importantly, it’s time for another Top 5 Tuesday post, hosted by the amazing Shanah @ Bionic BookwormToday’s Top 5 Topic is “Dream Reading Spaces,” aka learning how all-over-the-place Ryann’s tastes are! Seriously guys, my style preferences are all over the place. One minute I want a reading space that’s dark and heavy and cut off from the rest of the world, the next, I want a space that’s bright and as close to outside as possible.

But I have been so excited for this topic, so let’s get to it!

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5 Unpopular Opinions I Have About Harry Potter

Happy Friday, awesome people! I hope school/work/life is going well for all of you!

I know a lot of readers are huge, avid, die-hard Harry Potter fans. While I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, I am a far cry from their biggest fan. Because of this, I have quite a few unpopular opinions when it comes to the series. These days, some are far less unpopular than others, but still…

Without any further ado, my unpopular opinions about Harry Potter!

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Top 5 Tuesday- Recommendations for Non-Readers

Happy Tuesday to all you beautiful people! It’s that time of the week: time for another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the wonderful Shanah @ BionicBookworm! I’m about 80% excited for this week’s Top 5 Topic: Recommendations for non-readers. The other 20% is nervous, because THAT’S SO MUCH PRESSURE! What if a non-reader takes my recommendation, and ends up hating it, and never reads anything ever again?! And, perhaps just as important, how do I pick just five out of all the amazing books there are? All the same, I’m going to give this my best shot!

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