4 Unpopular Opinions About Book Tropes

I see a lot of people, particularly on Twitter, mentioning their pet peeves in books, or tropes that they’ve seen so much, they can’t stand the sight of it one more time. And usually, though I understand where they’re coming from, I 100% disagree!

So, here are some of my most unpopular opinions!

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5 Unpopular Opinions I Have About Harry Potter

Happy Friday, awesome people! I hope school/work/life is going well for all of you!

I know a lot of readers are huge, avid, die-hard Harry Potter fans. While I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, I am a far cry from their biggest fan. Because of this, I have quite a few unpopular opinions when it comes to the series. These days, some are far less unpopular than others, but still…

Without any further ado, my unpopular opinions about Harry Potter!

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