About the Reader

I frequently suffer from what experts call “One-More-Chapter Syndrome” (OMCS), a serious affliction which causes me to lose sleep, and sometimes have emotional outbursts at 3am. Luckily, my dog, Tia, is usually there to comfort me. I love books; how they smell, how they look, how they feel, pretty much everything about them.

Tia loves books, too!

I was an editor and VP of my college’s publishing journal, and when I graduated, I wasn’t ready to give up on reading and reviewing new work, so I created this blog while so I can still be part of a bookish community!

For those of you wondering, I’m a Ravenclaw.



What’s your name? Ryann, but I’ll also answer to Ry, Ry Guy, and Eli

Me hiking Bald Mountain in the Adirondacks

Where do you live? Upstate New York; we have the best scenery nature has to offer and usually get more snow than the rest of the US.

When did you start reading? I wanna say 3? I’m not sure the exact age. It was before I started school; my dad used to read to me before bed every night. I thought he was using some sort of magic to turn the black squiggles on the page into words and worlds, and I decided I wanted to do it, too, so I taught myself how to read. A week later, I read Where the Wild Things Are to my dad.

Any hobbies besides reading? I dabble a bit in writing as well; I was a paid poet in college, once for a poetry slam that I won, once for a few poems I wrote for an art exhibition. I also love hiking, gardening, archery, and camping.

Do you believe in love at first sight? I have to answer yes because I have never seen a dog that I didn’t instantly love.

Bonus pics of myself and the sass master, Tia: