Let’s Talk: It’s Okay to Write Negative Reviews

Hi there, fellow bookworms! In last week’s discussion post, I wrote out my guidelines for writing a negative review, because, let’s be honest, there are times when we’ve all sounded a little rant-y and could definitely use some help in keeping our negative reviews organized.

But this week, I want to talk about why it’s okay to write a negative review of a book you didn’t like. I’ve seen and talked to several book reviewers who absolutely refuse to write a negative review, and honestly, kudos to them. I WISH I had the will power to stay positive about every book I read, but I can’t. So, for those of us who face the moral dilemma of disliking a book but not wanting to bash it completely, today’s discussion post is about why it’s okay to write a negative review.Read More »

Top 5 Tuesday- Buzzwords That Make Me Not Want to Read a Book

Happy Tuesday, fellow readers! I’m back with another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the amazing Bionic Bookworm! Last week’s Top 5 Topic was “Buzzwords that make me want to read a book,” so this week’s topic is all about the buzzwords that make us steer clear of a book.

Let’s get to it!

#5- Romance

Now, I don’t really have anything against romance in a story. In fact, in most of the books I read, I usually expect/want there to be some romantic aspect. But if it’s obvious that the plot is romance-driven, or that the romance will take up a huge portion of the book, I’m usually turned off.

#4- Literary Fiction

This one makes me feel like a bad little English Major, but I actually don’t really like literary fiction? I’ve read my fair share of classics and literary fiction to get my degree, and it always just seems like so much work, like there’s always a deeper meaning I HAVE to find. I enjoy books that are layered and deep and have hidden meanings, I just want to be able to enjoy the story before I have to find those hidden meanings, and I can’t with Literary Fiction.

#3- Horror

I am just not big on this genre, guys. I’m ok with psychological thrillers, gothic novels, and other genres that are sometimes related to horror, but not horror itself. I watched LOTR: Return of the King when I was 12, and had nightmares of Gollum coming to bite my finger off like he did with Frodo. Like, if I can’t even handle that teeny tiny part of a movie, there is no way I can handle an entire book dedicated to terrifying me.

#2- Vampires

Where we once again talk about what an awful English major I was. I was assigned Dracula when I was in college, and I couldn’t get past the first couple chapters. Like, even the classic, original vampire was a huge turnoff for me, so the newer vampires don’t really stand much of a chance, either.

#1- High School

Been there, done that. I don’t really want to relive it by reading books about it.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday! Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday post! Let me know what your literary anti-buzzwords(?) are in the comments below!


The Reading Quest Sign Up & TBR

The awesome Aentee @ Read at Midnight is hosting an awesome reading challenge based on video games quests! The Reading Quest is a new reading challenge that runs from Aug 13 to Sept 10, where participants choose a character, and follow a bingo-board style quest to gain XP and HP. Go check out the sign-up post here if you’re interested in finding out more! The challenge is accompanied with some absolutely gorgeous illustrations by the talented CW @ Read Think Ponder!

The quest board is so awesome and exciting, I can’t wait to get started!Read More »

Under-Developed Characters Left me Wanting More


Buy it from Amazon, or direct from the publisher!

Title: Mask of Shadows
Author: Linsey Miller
Type: Fiction
Genre: Fantasy
Length: 352
Published By: Sourcebooks
Pub Date: August 29, 2017
Format: e-book
Source: A digital copy of this book was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating: ★★⭑☆☆ (I was torn between 2 and 3 stars…)

See other ratings and reviews at Goodreads, then check out the author’s website!

The short version: As much as I wanted to love this book, it fell a short of my expectations. But I still plan on finishing the duology.Read More »