Ryann’s 3 Rules for DNF-ing

Hi there, fellow readers! I hope you all have awesome weekend ahead of you!

The other day (aka quite a while ago), I was reading Mandy’s post about DNF book reviews, and it got me thinking about my own DNF habits. If you read Mandy’s post, you’ll notice she says she’s the Queen of Not Finishing Books. I just happen to be the opposite. I have only DNF’d six books in my entire life.

It’s not that I’m a miracle among readers, someone who magically loves almost every book I touch, turning it into a five-star read every time a book touches my fingers. It’s just that I have a pretty specific list of rules for DNF-ing a book, and I’ll read a book to the end if it doesn’t line up with these reasons, even if I don’t necessarily like it.

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Let’s Talk: The Dreaded DNF


At the beginning of April, I did something I have only done six other times in my entire life: I put down a book I was part way through, with no intention of picking it back up again. That’s right, for the seventh time in my entire life, I DNF’d. (For anybody new to the book community, this stands for “Did/Do Not Finish.”)Read More »