4 Comments I Love Seeing On My Blog Posts

For most bloggers, there’s one thing we can all agree on: we love when someone reads our posts and leaves a comment! It makes you feel good to know that someone went through the effort of actually reading what you wrote, and through your words, felt compelled to say something.

While I love when anyone takes the time to leave a note on my blog, there are some comments that just really stand out. If I get comments like these on any of my posts, I’ll usually be thinking about them for the rest of the day, and they’re the sorts of comments that pull me out of blogging slumps.

So, without any further ado, here are five comments I love seeing on my blog posts!

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4 Questions to Ask When Making a Blogging Schedule

Happy Friday fellow readers! Last week, I started a little mini-series on having a blog schedule. I’ve seen some people say they ABSOLUTELY NEED their schedule aka me, and I’ve seen some people say they work better without one I’m jealous. Last week, I talked about why I choose to have a schedule, so this week, I thought I’d give some basic pointers on how to make your own!

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