The Reading Quest Sign Up & TBR

The awesome Aentee @ Read at Midnight is hosting an awesome reading challenge based on video games quests! The Reading Quest is a new reading challenge that runs from Aug 13 to Sept 10, where participants choose a character, and follow a bingo-board style quest to gain XP and HP. Go check out the sign-up post here if you’re interested in finding out more! The challenge is accompanied with some absolutely gorgeous illustrations by the talented CW @ Read Think Ponder!

The quest board is so awesome and exciting, I can’t wait to get started!Read More »

February’s Reading Challenge


feb-rcThere’s so much going on in the month of February! There’s Valentine’s Day, African American History Month (here in the US of A), and MY BIRTHDAY!! This month’s reading challenge is going to try to get you in the mood to celebrate:

  1. Read a book written by an author born in an African country
  2. Read a book published in the same year and/or month you were born
  3. Read a romance book that was turned into a movie
  4. Go to a used bookstore and read a romance book with the cheesiest cover you can find
  5. Take your significant other or someone you care about to your favorite bookstore, and let them pick out a book for you

Remember, reading challenges are only suggestions. There are five suggestions a month, one for each week. Feel free to do more, or only do one! The point of these challenges is to keep people reading, and to try to expand our reading horizons. Let me know which challenges you completed, which books you enjoyed, or any challenges you took upon yourself this month!