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April Reading Challenge

Hey there fellow readers! It’s the first of the month, which means it’s time for another Monthly Reading Challenge! I’m particularly excited about April because, here in America, it’s National Poetry Month!! If you’ve read a little about me, you might know that I have a degree in Creative Writing, and wrote poetry in college, so…… Continue reading April Reading Challenge

Feature · Reading Challenge

March Reading Challenge

Here in the good ole US of A, March is Women’s History Month (Women’s Day is March 8th) and Irish-American Heritage Month. As an American woman of Irish descent, and as someone who loves breathing the first breaths of Spring, I look forward to March every year! Naturally, I’m also really excited about this month’s…… Continue reading March Reading Challenge

Reading Challenge

February’s Reading Challenge

  There’s so much going on in the month of February! There’s Valentine’s Day, African American History Month (here in the US of A), and MY BIRTHDAY!! This month’s reading challenge is going to try to get you in the mood to celebrate: Read a book written by an author born in an African country…… Continue reading February’s Reading Challenge