Tuesday Tidbits #9- A different way of looking at “failure”

Happy Tuesday to all you awesome people! I hope you all have an incredible week ahead of you!

Today’s Tidbit is inspired by something one of my high school teachers taught me. I decided I wanted to take Latin in high school, and let me tell you, that shit is HARD. Like, every single person in the class failed a test at some point.

But we were super lucky, because our Latin teacher was one of the most encouraging people I have ever met. And every time we failed a test, he would remind us of something that has really affected how I view progress and failure.

If we got a 50% on a test, he would remind us that it was actually a good thing! At the beginning of the year we knew 0% of the material, and that, even though school will say it’s a failing grade, that 50% means we have learned SO MUCH. We went from knowing 0%, to knowing 50%, which is something to be really proud of!

Once I really accepted this mentality, I wouldn’t get so hard on myself. It became easier to look at failure as a form as progress. I could look at things and say, “It may not be where I want to be, but it’s further than I was.”

When writing my book, I can say, “15,000 words isn’t where I want to be, but it’s much  further than 0 words.”

When looking at my blog stats, I can remind myself that yes, I would love to have more views or followers, but I have way more than I did when I started, and I can be proud of that.

So if you’ve ever felt down about your progress in any area of your life, try reminding yourself of how far you’ve come, instead of looking at how far you have left to go.

Thanks for reading!


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