4 Twitter accounts that I’d recommend to writers

Happy Friday to all you amazing people! I hope the coming weekend is relaxing and fun for all of you!

As some of you know, I’ve been working on writing a novel! I ended up taking a break in July, which was kind of discouraging, but I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I only got serious about writing this story in June, and now I’m about a third of the way through a rough draft.

One of the things that have really helped me get back into it is the people I follow on Twitter.

Eric Smith

Eric Smith

He’s one of the first people I followed on my book Twitter. Eric’s a literary agent for PS Literary, and he’s awesome! His tweets are constantly encouraging other writers, giving out helpful advice, AND THERE ARE PICTURES OF HIS ADORABLE SON AND THEIR DOG!! Seriously, Eric Smith’s whole feed is light-hearted and encouraging, and I can always trust his tweets to pull me out of a bad mood!


Rae Loverde

Rae Loverde

Rae is an assistant for a literary agency, and is just super awesome all-around. (Fun fact: her tweets are the reason I started watching Voltron.) She also has adorable kitties, so follow her for her cat pictures if nothing else. But one of the things I appreciate most about Rae is her querying do’s and don’t’s. She constantly posts tips for querying writers, explaining what they should do, what they should most definitely not do, and she explains why some frustrating parts of querying are the way they are. So, if you’re hoping to one day publish a novel and could use some advice on how to do it, Rae is definitely a person you want to be following!


Saba Sulaiman


Saba is a literary agent at Talcott Notch, and she is one awesome lady! Her tweets talk about everything from ways to measure success as a writer (or other creative person), advice for doing that whole marketing thing that most writers aren’t a huge fan of doing, and spills all kinds of tea about how women and PoC are treated in the book world. If you want to follow someone who’s going to encourage you AND be snarky about the injustices of publishing, you should go follow Saba immediately!


Katie Masters

Katie Masters

Katie *Your Writer Big Sister* Masters definitely lives up to her name! Every single one of Katie’s tweets are for writers. Sometimes she writes helpful tips and tricks for getting through those writer struggles. Sometimes she’s helping to connect one writer to another. But the tweets that have been most helpful to me are the ones where she just encourages other writers. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly-timed tweet to remind you that you’re not the only one hitting a brick wall, or that there are other writers who have gone weeks without writing. Basically, any writer who’s needed some encouragement, or needed to know they weren’t alone should be following the awesome Katie Masters!

All of these people are super incredible, and if you’re a writer, I highly recommend you follow these people. I’ve definitely felt better as a writer (and sometimes even a reader) because one of these folks has sent out a tweet just when I needed it!

Thanks for reading!

Are there any Twitter accounts that you would recommend for writers, readers, or bloggers? Have you ever read a tweet at just the right time? Let me know in the comments below!


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