Tuesday Tidbits #5- Use an outline to make blogging a bit easier

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you’ve all been having a great week so far!

Today’s Tidbit is something that I had to learn the hard way. When I first started blogging, I used to get pretty stressed out when it came time to actually write my posts. I loved brainstorming ideas, I loved reading books, but when it actually came time to write the reviews or discussion posts, my brain would lock up, and I would have no idea how to get what was in my head onto my laptop. If you’ve ever been through this, you know how frustrating it can be!

A great way to help get through this kind of “blogger’s block”, is to try coming up with a general outline for your posts. For example, When I write my book reviews, I use my 3-2-1 rule. I stick to three points. If it’s a mostly negative review, I’ll use two negative points and try to say at least one positive thing. If it’s a mostly positive review, I’ll rave about two awesome things, and then mention something that may turn some people off. It’s super simple, but helps me keep my thoughts organized before I even start typing!

For me, it takes a lot of the stress away, because when I sit down to write a post, I already know, generally, what it’ll look like, I just have to fill in the missing pieces. Plus, keeping it to a more general outline leaves room for creativity. I can know the basic structure of my post, but my readers won’t find my posts monotonous. It also allows for adjustments, so if I thought a book was particularly amazing, or maybe really problematic, I can break out of the outline without feeling completely lost without my “mold.”

So if you find that writing your blog posts can be a little stressful, try coming up with a general outline for each type of post you write. It helps make writing posts easier and faster!

Thanks for reading!

Have you ever felt a little “blogger block” when writing a post? How do you get over the stress to get the post written? Do you use a general outline for your posts, or has something else worked better for you? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #5- Use an outline to make blogging a bit easier

  1. Great idea! I kind of have an outline I use each time, but I could always be a bit more concise. The 3-2-1 rule might be something I need to try ^_^


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