My Favorite Posts from July

Even though I had to take a little less time for blogging myself, I have found myself blog-hopping more than ever this month! And let me tell you, there were some incredible posts in the month of July! Originally, I had hoped to have a five-post limit, but when I went back and looked at all the posts I had saved, THERE WERE 17!! So, there are going to be five posts, plus several Honorable Mentions that I couldn’t go without pointing out.

So, without any further ado, here are my favorite posts from July!

My Favorite Posts:

Krystin @ The Bibliophile Empress talks about our conflicting expectations of characters: we want them to be realistic, but not too realistic. We complain about unrealistic characters, but then want them to be able to overcome any odds and have talents most real people would never have. But then we get mad if they do the realistic thing and hesitate or complain about their circumstances. Krystin also mentions some ways to find a balance between unrealistic heroes coming off as realistic people, and I would love to see some of her suggestions actually happen.

Laura @ the book corps gives us some podcast recommendations. Seriously, there is probably something for everyone on this list, and the way she describes them made me want to drop everything and immediately start listening. There’s fantasy, historical, true crime, and non-fiction recs, so if you’re like me and have been wanting to get into podcasts, I would definitely check out this post!

Krysta @ Pages Unbound wrote an incredible review of C. S. Lewis’ An Experiment in Criticism. As a huge C. S. Lewis fan, and an English degree holder who LOVES in-depth literary analysis, I’ve gone back and read her post several times. It just makes me so happy.

Tiana @ The Book Raven wrote a transparent, heartfelt post about her current WIP and the struggles she’s faced while working on it. I love when bloggers are completely open about the things they’re facing, and her whole post was so encouraging to me as someone who’s felt a lot of what she’s describes.

Angelica @ The Book Cover Girl asks an important question: Why are male friendships overshadowed in literature? I had been thinking this same thing for days before I read her post, so when it popped up on my reader, I just found myself nodding along and saying “YEEES! EXACTLY!” to almost everything she wrote.

Honorable Mentions:

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these posts by some awesome book bloggers!


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    • Thanks for writing a post that was so open and honest! I know it’s not always easy talking about tough stuff, but it was a huge encouragement to me to know someone else deals with things similar to what I do, and is still being awesome!

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