Tuesday Tidbits #1- A tip for blogging when your brain just won’t cooperate

Happy Tuesday to all you lovely people! As most of you probably know, I’ve been cutting back on the number of posts I write, but I wanted there to be more than just discussions and tags on my blog! So I’m introducing Tuesday Tidbits! These posts are going to be SUPER short- only about 300 words tops. They’re just little pieces of advice I think will be helpful!

Tuesday Tidbits can be about anything remotely book-related: from reading, to blogging, to writing, to just my every day, book-loving life!

My very first tidbit post deals with something most of us have dealt with. I happens to me a lot: I want to get my newest post all shiny and ready to be published, but when I sit down to actually write the thing, my brain just won’t do words! The reason can be anything; sometimes I’m tired, or I’d rather be reading, or I’m just in a mini-blogging slump.

If you’ve ever been there, you know how frustrating it can be! In my case, I sometimes have to trick my own brain into actually writing a post.

I’ll tell myself that I’m only going to start with an easy, bite-size piece. I’ll just write the introduction to the post, then I’ll go do something else if I’m still not feeling it. That way, my non-cooperative brain goes, “Yeah, I guess I can get through writing just one paragraph. No problem!” Usually, by the time the intro is done, the blogging part of my brain has finally turned on, and I can get through the rest of the post easy-peasy.

Even in the rare cases where it doesn’t work (sometimes my brain really does just need a break, and that’s okay!) and I have to leave the rest of the post for another day, at least I have an introduction, which is more than the blank page I started with when I sat down.

So if you’re ever stuck on while writing a post, try tricking your brain by committing to just a small piece, and leaving it if it’s still not working.

Thanks for reading!

What about you? Have you ever felt really stuck while writing a post? Do you have any advice for getting past that? If you’ve never felt stuck before, can you PLEASE TEACH ME YOUR WAYS?? Let me know in the comments below!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits #1- A tip for blogging when your brain just won’t cooperate

  1. I love those new posts! I often find myself stuck while writing blog posts and my best advice is to just stop. Close the page and maybe look for inspiration elswhere. I usually read other people’s posts or list down blog posts I could write in the future. I also take a break and only come back to my page the next day. Sometimes a good night of sleep is all you need!

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    • That’s good advice too! Just stepping away and taking a break from a specific post can feel frustrating, but like you said, sometimes your brain just needs to rest and recharge before it can really tackle something!

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