The Halloween Creatures Tag

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Tonight means cute costumes, awesome treats, and spooky movies. But for now, I’m super excited because I have the perfect tag! Thanks to Rendz @ Reading With Rendz for tagging me for the Halloween Creatures Tag!

Let’s get to it!

The Rules:

  •  Follow the Categories
  • You Must Be Honest
  • You Must Answer All Questions to the Best of Your Ability
  • You Must Tag At Least 3 People
  • Have Fun!
  • Credit Would be Greatly Appreciated! (credit goes to: Anthony @ Keep Reading Forward)

Witches: A Book or Character that is Magical


Although it’s not my favorite series, there’s no doubt that the ACoTaR series is pretty magical. Even when the plot or characters failed me, I LOVED the magical setting, and seeing the powers that came with each court!

Mummies: A Book or Character You Can’t Wrap Your Mind Around


Mara, from Wicked Like a Wildfire. I’m just so confused about why she couldn’t just be honest about what was at stake. Instead of being honest and encouraging people to do the right thing, she tries to manipulate them into doing it. If she had just been honest, a lot of time, feelings, and probably lives could have been saved.

Vampires: A Book, Series, or Author You Can’t Live Without


A couple weeks ago, our Top 5 Tuesday Topic was our most-read authors. Based on that list, I think it’s safe to say that I’d be hard-pressed to live without C. S. Lewis. He’s my most-read author, and I reread his books regularly. And I can recite Dawn Treader nearly word-for-word.

Werewolves: A Book Best Read in the Middle of the Night


I don’t know about a whole book, but since it’s Halloween, I can definitely recommend a spooky short story: “The House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe has some great Halloween/creepy vibes. (I know a lot of Poe does, but, to me, this one more than most).

Zombies: A Book You Picked Up for the Second Time/Continued After DNF-ing

I don’t usually DNF a book, so if I do decide to stop reading, that’s it! There’s no coming back! No undead books for me!

A Book You Easily Predicted a Twist or Ending

Crown's Game

I’m not sure how twisty most people found it, but a friend told me that The Crown’s Game had a twist I wouldn’t see coming, but after I finished it, I literally had no idea what part of the story she was talking about, because it all seemed pretty predictable to me.

Frankenstein: A Book That Truly Shocked You


… Guys, I want to be surprised by a book. Really, I do. But I’ve yet to read a book where I didn’t guess the ending at some point during the story. The only one that’s ever surprised me was 1984, because holy cannoli that’s not how dystopian books are “supposed” to end. But please make more of them

Skeletons: A Book or Character that Chilled You to the Bone

Moby Dick

Moby Dick Don’t judge me. This looong book isn’t really scary or spooky in any way, but I actually got goosebumps during the last 100 pages. This is definitely not a “happily-ever-after” story.

Ghouls: A Book that Left You Hungry


The talk of all the food in the Banquet Hall. The mention of butter beer and warm drinks at Hogsmeade. All of that delicious, magical candy. I don’t think anyone will blame me for getting hungry when I read Harry Potter.

Goblins: A Greedy Character

Six of Crows

It’s not that I want to copy Rendz with this answer. It’s that I have to. I mean, seriously, when he’s accused of making greed his god, his response is, “Greed bows to me. It is my servant and my lever.” Kaz Brekker is probably one of the greediest characters I’ve ever met but he’s also a secret sweetheart ssshhhh.

Devil: A Dark, Evil Character

The Bear and the Nightingale

The Bear from The Bear and the Nightingale. I mean, his whole goal in life is to terrify people so he can feed off their fear, and then eat them. Plus, and this is part of what makes him so evil, he so easily manipulates the things people are passionate about and truly believe, and uses it to manipulate them into doing what he wants. He’s definitely an evil character (and was actually accused of being the devil at one point in the book so…)

Grim Reaper: A Character You Loved/Hated that Died


I’m not sure if it actually counts as dying, but when you become the Soul Bringer (a sort of grim reaper in and of itself), and are confined to a forest for the foreseeable future I think it’s safe to say that Elias is one character that I love who’s “died.”

Scarecrow: A Book or Character that Scares You


Confession time! I really don’t like to be scared. I hate roller coasters. I hate scary movies. I basically avoid anything creepy. So the character that comes closest to scaring me is Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Nowadays, I’m not scared of him, I’m mostly just sad for him, but when I first saw LoTR, I was, like, 12, and I had nightmares of Gollum sneaking into my room to bite my fingers off.

The Monster Mash: Tag 3 or More People to do this tag!

So, I’m not going to tag anyone, because this is the HALLOWEEN creature tag, and since today is Halloween, I feel like it’s gotta end tonight. But, if you want to do this tag, and/or you think you can get it done by tonight, then consider yourself tagged!

Thanks for reading!

What are some of your spooky reads? Are you doing anything exciting for Halloween? Maybe dressing up? Let me know in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “The Halloween Creatures Tag

  1. YAY! Super amazing answers! I personally feel like a horrible Narnia Fan because I can’t recite the books but I know the movies by heart…..*shrugs* Oh well! That’s AMAZING for you though! You’re absolutely right, Kaz is the only answer to the greedy character question, no doubt about it! And I guess you could say Elias “died” but I’m reallllyyyy hoping he doesn’t stay “dead”! Happy Halloween!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The only reason I know the book so well is because I listen to it on audiobook all the time, so it helps it stick better!

      And I really enjoyed the first two movies, so I think it’s 100% a-ok to know those by heart!

      If Elias stays “dead,” Ms. Tahir and I are gonna have to have a looong conversation about the proper way to treat amazing characters! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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