Monthly Wrap-up: August 2017

It’s officially the first day of September! Which means soon the leaves will start changing, I can bundle up in cute sweaters and jackets, and drink more hot cocoa than any one reader should! It also means it’s time to wrap up my summer months and give you guys a run-down of what went on here during the month of August!

Let’s get started!

August Reads:

First Time Reads:



It was a bit of a slow reading month for me, so I’m still a bit behind on my Goodreads Goal, but I’m going camping this weekend, which should help me catch up!

Favorite Read:


Six of Crows was one of those rare books for me; one that 100% lived up to the hype! I’m only about half-way through Crooked Kingdom, but I can already tell this will be one of my favorite duologies! I could rave about these books forever!

August Posts:



Tags and Awards:

Upcoming Reads:

And a few more might make an appearance!

Updates on the Reader:

I meant to take part in #TheReadingQuest, but it didn’t really work out because my schedule got pretty crazy for a few days, and because some of the books I read were so good, I wanted to take my time with them.

Also, I think I may have finally worked out what I want to be when I grow up, but (like Inej in Six of Crows) I’m going to just hang on to it for a little while so it can get a little more real to me before I share it with everyone.

And lastly, (and slightly less serious), this reeeeaaaalllllyyyy cute guy went out of his way to say hi to me at church the other day, and it still has me grinning like an absolute idiot whenever I think about it blushes into eternity. Who says I’m not a romantic at heart?

I can’t wait for this fall weather to reach us, and I’m so excited for what September has in store!

Thanks for reading!

Did anything awesome happen to you in August? Do you have any big plans for September (bookish or otherwise)? Let me know in the comments below!


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    • I won’t lie, I requested it from NetGalley because I thought the cover was so pretty! 😂 It does seem interesting, but I am a little nervous after seeing some of the ratings!

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