Top 5 Tuesday- Favorite Side Characters

Happy Tuesday, you awesome readers!! I’m back with another Top 5 Tuesday post hosted by the awesome Shanah @ Bionic BookwormThis week’s Top 5 Tuesday is secretly a Top 10 Tuesday, and it’s all about our favorite side characters! I have a lot of love for side characters, so I’ve been pretty excited about this one for the whole month! (Also, please forgive me if some of these are from the same series/author.)

Let’s get to it!

#10- Merry/Pippin


Can I really separate these two? No. No I cannot. Merry and Pippin are loyal, brave, and hilarious. These two are just amazing, and I loved them from the first time I read about/saw them. Seriously, guys, I would love to be best friends with these two!

#9- Legolas/Gimli

Also from Lord of the Rings, these two are in love probably the closest literary friends I’ve ever read about. I think I’ve mentioned before that Legolas literally BROKE THE RULES OF ELF HEAVEN to smuggle his dwarvish friend into, yes, ELF HEAVEN. Which, if you know the history of the two races, is a pretty big deal.

#8- Lysandra


Lysandra is a character that I definitely appreciate. She’s clever and willing to do anything to survive, and to help her friends. Plus, she has a protectiveness in her that I can really identify with.

#7- Brigan


Part of it is that I’m a sucker for a good hate-to-love romance, but there’s a lot to love about Brigan. Protective, clever, caring, and willing to admit when he’s wrong, Brigan is an awesome side character for my precious Fire.

#6- Helene


Technically, Helene isn’t really a side character in Torch Against the Night, but I still love her to pieces. I love her loyalty to Elias and her country, and I love reading about her struggle with what she’s been taught, what she knows is right, and what she’s seeing unfold in her country. Honestly, I could probably read about her for ages.

#5- Auri


So far, Auri hasn’t been a huge contributor to the story, but I love reading about her and how she interacts with Kvothe and Elodin. She’s fascinating, upbeat, and poetic, and I hope she becomes a bigger part of the story if when future books come out.

#4- Azriel/Cassian


I couldn’t separate these two, either! I Azriel and Cas. I love Azriel’s quiet protectiveness and thoughtful observing, but I also love Cas’s crass jokes and ability to pull almost anyone out of a slump. I could easily be in love with be best friends with both of these guys, and I hope we get to read more about them in future books.

#3- Nesta


Ships Nesta and Cassian forever, cackling into the sunset. I like to think that on the Internet, the nicer side of my personality comes out more often, but if I had been put in the shoes of the Archeron sisters, I have no doubt that I would come out like Nesta. I know a lot of people dislike her, but I love her iron will, her ability to accomplish things through sheer determination, and her desire to protect those she cares about especially when that includes Cas.

#2- Six of Crows


She laughs villianously as she lists an entire book instead of just a character. Here’s the thing: There really aren’t side characters in this book. Every one of the characters is a main character in their own way, but they are all written so perfectly, that I needed to give some love to the Six of Crows crew. I’m pretty sure I will always love this book and these characters.

#1- Reepicheep the Mouse


“WHAT?!” they cried, certainly as surprised as ever. “One of her favorite characters is from Narnia?!?” He is indeed! You could probably make the argument that he’s not a side character in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. But I don’t care, I love Reepicheep. His loyalty, his (sometimes misplaced) bravery, and just his capacity for goodness made me fall in love with him. I want to be Reepicheep when I grow up.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to check out Shanah’s Top 5 post! Let me know who some of your favorite side characters are in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday- Favorite Side Characters

  1. Lysandra is SUPER GREAT! All characters in ACOTAR are my favorite! I didn’t expect to love Nesta in ACOWAR but I really did and her and Cassian are perfect. EVERYONE FROM SIX OF CROWS IS FABULOUS!

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