Let’s Talk: Bookish Pet Peeves

Hi there, fellow readers! The other day I went to an antique store with my parents, and there I saw, to my horror, one of my biggest pet peeves. So, I decided this week’s discussion post would be the perfect opportunity to rant about mention some of my biggest bookish pet peeves.

Let’s get to it!

Sci-fi/Fantasy/Historical Fiction

This is the one that happened at the antique shop, and the one that inspired this list. In the store, three of their bookshelves were all labeled “Sci-Fi,” BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY SCI-FI, FANTASY, AND HISTORICAL FICTION!! Like, they’re different genres, you can’t just lump them together under the same heading and call it good! If you’re running out of shelf room, you can label them all as Fiction, but to call them ALL Sci-Fi?! It just grinds my gears.


(Also, it made me just awkwardly stand there fuming at a bookshelf surrounded by little ceramic people, so… the whole experience was just pretty tough.)

Bending Back Book Covers

Listen, if you dog-ear your pages, I’m usually not gonna be too upset. How you mark your place in a book is your business. But if you bend a paperback cover all the way around so the two covers are face to face, you’re a special kind of monster. tumblr_mqqzollcma1s78fnmo1_500That’s like trying to make your right shoulder bend all the way around to touch your left shoulder; and why would you want a book to go through that sort of pain?! Plus it messes up the spine of the book and pulls on the glue and just… don’t do this, okay?

Being Interrupted While Reading

The book is in my hands, my eyes are moving back and forth, if I’m particularly into it, my lips might be moving: IT’S OBVIOUS THAT I AM READING! Why would you think that THIS is the moment to try to talk to me? Even if it’s about the book I’m reading, I still get a little childish irritated. Either wait till I put the book down, or, since it’s no secret that I’m an avid reader, wait until LITERALLY ANY OTHER TIME to ask what I’m reading these days.

Me, trying to focus on my book when people are talking to me.

(I’m also that awful person where, if people ask me what I’m reading while I’m reading, I just hold up the book so they can see the title. And if they proceed to ask me what the book is about, I have been known to just hand them the book jacket so they can read the blurb without me having to talk to them.)

Main Quest

Thanks for reading!

What are your biggest bookish pet peeves? Do any of mine seem a little crazy to you? Or maybe you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below!


22 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. Haha I hate when people talk to me while I’m reading!!! My husband does this to me all the time, and just to tell me about some video he’s watching. He doesn’t understand it brings me out of my zone. Plus I have a toddler…enough said.

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    • Me neither! Like, I just don’t understand why someone thinks, “huh, she’s reading. Looks like the perfect time to have a conversation.”

      If your gonna be doing that, something better be on fire, or things are probably gonna go downhill


  2. Haha your post made me smile and cringe! Yes to all that you’ve said plus another pet peeve is very bad editing and many inconsistencies. It’s not related to the reader mauling a book but to the writer not respecting the readers. Of course some mistake can be left but not piles of them or calling your character by one first name just to call it by someone else’s name 5 lines below ( yes it happened).

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    • Haha I’m glad people understand!

      And that’s a good one! I HATE inconsistencies in books! I read a book once where, repeatedly, it was stressed that 2 characters were alone, having a secret conversation, but then a third character just jumped in like they’ve been there the whole time with no explanation whatsoever! It drove me insane!

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      • That’s what I meant! I beta read for some authors and one of my jobs is to spot these inconsistencies so I’m always on the lookout when I read even on some subconcious level. Really annoying!

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  3. I completely agree with you. I enjoy sometimes browsing the classics section of book but one local bookstore near my home has separated all the classics and well all genres cone to think of it band listed all books alphabetically. That annoys me as I don’t want romance mixed with classics or sci-fi. I hate anyone destroying a book is the worst thing of all though. Not just bending back the covers but bending any pages, writing in books even with a pencil, and I have to say I really hate library books I pick up where I find crumbs of food in books, that’s just gross. Some people have no respect for books. Great post!

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    • That would have driven me insane! Listing them alphabetically is only helpful if I know EXACTLY what book I’m looking for, which is pretty rare for me.

      And I almost put “Eating Readers” on the list, too, because I have also found my fair share of crumbs in library books. But it would have made me a hypocrite, because I actually do like snacking when I read, I’m just SUPER careful about it (and I only eat if I actually own the book, never if it’s a borrowed one)!

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  4. Haha, your description of how you handle people while reading just sounds waaaaay too familiar! Since I often read paperbacks though, I do have to reply once in a while but then it’s just “Google it.” and I keep reading.

    Bending those covers is gruesome! I remember my mom having the habit of doing that, but only with those thin smut novels she was addicted to ten years ago. She never does it with an actual novel. [Sorry if this sounds degrading or something but I don’t know how to put it differently and I’m hurrying to end this comment because my break’s over, haha!]

    I’m pretty sure that if I saw a shelf like that and I was with a bookish friend, I’d be rearranging it pretty quickly. :’)

    Another huge pet peeves? Loaning books to someone [in this particular case it was a NEW book that I hadn’t even read yet myself] and getting it back with the spine broken. My heart cried. A lot.

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    • Oh my gosh, when I’m reading, I go from this super nice, extraverted person, to literally the rudest person ever who’s probably never even socialised with anyone before. And I want to feel bad, but come one! You can tell I’m reading!

      And I totally get what you’re saying with the smut vs “actual novel” :’D

      “Rude Book Borrowers” almost made the list, too! One time, I lent a series (which was one of my faves at the time) to a reader friend, and she didn’t return them for YEARS, and when I finally got them back, the were covered in coffee stains! I’m getting angry just thinking about it…


      • Hahaha! From fluffy nice person to grumpy cavewoman in 0.1 seconds as soon as I’ve opened a book. 😂


        They should definitely be on there! My god that’s horrible. I’d probably demand that person buys me the books and can keep the ruined ones. 🙄

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        • Haha exactly! And I thought about making her buy me new ones, but it had taken her so long to return mine to me, I didn’t have a whole lot of hope for ever actually seeing new copies

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  5. When I see people folding back that cover I just cringe. I know a few people who read like that and it takes all my restraint not to slap them with their own ruined book. Like you said – dog ear your pages? Write in margins? Ok fine. I don’t personally but whatever. But ruining the structure of the book – MONSTER! 👹

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    • “Slap them with their own ruined book” made me chuckle 😂

      And yes!! Like, do what you gotta do to help you enjoy the book, as long as that doesn’t include DESTROYING said book!

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