Top 5 Tuesday- Buzzwords that make me want to read a book

Happy Tuesday, fellow readers! I’m back with another Top 5 Tuesday hosted by the amazing Bionic Bookworm! This week’s Top 5 Topic is “Buzzwords that make me want to read a book.”

Let’s get to it!

#5- Fairytale Retellings

I’m a sucker for a good retelling! I love when people take something I already love, and turn it into something new that I can fall in love with all over again.

#4- Morally Ambiguous/Unreliable Characters

I love when there is a character that one second, I think is a precious little butterfly, and the next, I’m a little afraid of them (or both at the same time?). I also love characters who narrate their own stories, but for one reason or another, I have a hard time really trusting.

#3- Fae

I love stories about fae, and I’m not 100% sure why? I’ve always liked the powerful, immortal magical creatures, plus a lot of fae/faerie stories have to do with art, music, and mischief, and I can really get on board with that.

#2- Magic/Abilities

It probably comes as no surprise that I am a huge fantasy nerd, so anytime there is magic or special abilities involved, I tend to be drawn in immediately!

#1- Assassins, Thieves, Rogues, or any sort of sneaky character tropes.

Honestly, I just love assassins and rogues. (I know Elias technically isn’t an assassin, but he’s definitely got the necessary skills!) Trained killers and thieves just make me so excited to read a book! Bonus points if they’re amazing assassins who are also great at playing political games.

That’s it for this week’s Top 5 Tuesday! Thanks for reading, and make sure you check out Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday post! Let me know what your literary buzzwords are in the comments below!

30 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday- Buzzwords that make me want to read a book

  1. I love retellings! I haven’t read one recently, but I enjoyed Beastly when I read it and I can’t wait to pick up the Wrath & The Dawn soon.

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  2. Fairytale retellings used to be a big turn off for me. Idk why, but for some reason I assumed I wouldn’t like it for some reason (I guess I thought fairytales were lame or something XD) Now I’m a lot more interesting in checking out retellings bc I’ve learned the error in my ways and that some retellings are really good!
    ALSO unreliable narrators/ morally ambiguous characters are MY FAVORITE! I love any book that blurs the line between good and evil and show that no one is all good and morality is a lot less black and white than we like to think

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    • I was the same way! I used to think retellings would be cheesy or something, but now I can’t get enough of them!

      And morally gray characters are the BEST!

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  3. Fantastic list!! #4 is also one I could have added to mine. There’s just something about that character type that makes me love them. They all suffer in some way too…. I don’t know what that says about me…. πŸ˜‚
    Adding you to the participants list πŸ™‚

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