Let’s Talk: To Reread, or Not to Reread?

Hi there, fellow readers! Today’s discussion post is going to be super simple and quick; it’s based on an argument my dad and I have pretty regularly. Rereading: yay or nay?

My dad and I have reeeeallllly similar reading tastes. We are both huge fantasy fans, we have the same bookish pet peeves, and we both tend to love the same characters. In fact, we actually have a shared bookshelf where we leave each other books we think the other might like. Despite how alike our literary preferences are, there is one thing we disagree on: rereading.

My dad is anti-reread. He says there are so many books on this planet, that it doesn’t make sense to reread the ones you’ve already read. There are enough books, he says, that even if you were to only read the ones from your favorite genre every day for the rest of your life, you couldn’t possibly get around to all of them, but you might as well try. He’ll listen to an audiobook of a novel he’s read if he can get it cheap, and he’ll rewatch movies all the time, but once he’s finished a physical book, he hands it right over to someone else, never to see it again. While I can appreciate that kind of generosity, I tend to disagree with him.

I’m the opposite; I reread books all the time. In fact, when I reread a book the first time, I’ll mark my favorite scenes with a sticky note so I can go back and reread those scenes quickly and easily (the best example would be the Eowyn vs. the Lord of the Nazgul scene. It’s been bookmarked in every LoTR copy I’ve ever owned). For me, there are just some books or characters that almost feel like home, so I want to come back and visit every once in a while, if that makes sense. So, while I can appreciate what my dad is getting at, I don’t think I’ll be able to give up rereading my favorite books any time soon.

Let's Talk

Thanks for reading!

How do you feel about rereading? Do you tend to agree with me, or my dad? Or do you think something else all together? What are some of your favorite books to reread? Let me know in the comments below!


14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: To Reread, or Not to Reread?

  1. ahh Eowyn vs. the Lord of the Nazgul scene!!! Amazing!! Love that scene so much!! And it’s the perfect example of why it’s so worth rereading. When I’m done with a book I like to go over the parts I liked and reread it through again. I’m a big fan of rewatching/rereading things I love!! I mean I already know I love them, so I definitely want to re-experience them! 😀

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  2. I love the sound of your shared bookshelf. That’s such a lovely idea! No one on my family has the same reading tastes so we don’t often talk about books together which is a shame! I hardly ever re-read book. It’s not that I don’t want to but my TBR Is so big that I don’t seem to have enough time!

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  3. I think there’s something greater of the mind that happens when you re-read books. For example, I read the Harry Potter series three times; I was 10, 12, and 14 at the times and had completely different views each time.

    My tbr is ridiculously long, but no matter what, I find it advantageous to read books I kind of didn’t understand before, self-deemed classics, and ones I didn’t enjoy. Like you said, you’re a new person. New thought process leads to new perceptions/perspectives.

    Sometimes, I switch up and wouldn’t want to re-read anything. Won’t talking about that though lol.

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    • Lol, I totally understand. Sometimes I change it up and don’t really feel like reading anything at all.

      But I usually reread Lord of the Rings (one of my favorites) every few years, and I always get something new from it because I’m always reading from a new perspective. Like you said, I almost always think it’s worth it, even with my ever-growing TBR.

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  4. I tend to feel guilty about re-reading because, like your dad says, there are so many books to get to and I just want to absorb all of them. But I’ve been trying to re-read my favorites lately because you get to take in parts of the storytelling that you skipped over the first time (and it’s so beneficial to study the way the story is written if you ever want to write your own).

    Also, I love fantasy series and it’s so comforting to revisit your favorite worlds from time to time.

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    • I feel guilty sometimes, too. Especially when I remember how long my TBR list has gotten! But, like you said, rereading some of my favorite books is comforting, and I can get something entirely new from them because I’m reading them as a new person.

      But that doesn’t stop my dad from poking fun at me from time to time! 😛


  5. i think rereading them will give you a new perspective of the book as you grow and you read more your taste change and some of you your favourites can not be a favourite once you reread them or the opposite this happen to me with acotar i discovered a lot of problems once i reread it but your dad is right there are many books to read and we should give new books a chance lastly rereading favourite books restore all the memories and the feelings which is a good thing

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    • That’s usually what I say to my dad; as I grow and change, the way I interpret books grows and changes, even if I’ve read them before.

      And I definitely want to read as many books I can, but at the same time, I think there is still a lot of value in rereading books I’ve already read.

      Plus, I already know I’ll like the books I’m rereading, I can’t always be so sure about new ones 😛

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  6. I reread books. There are some books I’ve read dozens of times (The Book Thief, for one). There are others I’ve read once and put them aside, because to me, they weren’t worth a reread (shocker, I know). There are some I’ve come back to after a few years to attempt to reread them (usually school required reading books), and enjoyed them the second time around.

    My roommate, on the other hand, doesn’t reread books except ones like Lord of the Rings, and even then she only reads a few scenes from them and doesn’t actually reread the book itself. She’s like, “I’ve already read it, so why read it again?”

    I always find new things on my second, third, and even fourth read-through. There are a few books I’ll reread once, and there are some I know I’ll reread multiple times. They’re like old friends who are there when things go bad in your life. I can remember when I first read them and what the circumstances around that time were. Sometimes it prevents me from rereading, and sometimes it encourages me to reread them.

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    • Your roommate sounds a lot like my dad! 😛

      I definitely understand the school reading struggle. There are some books I had to read for school that I couldn’t fully appreciate until I reread them for myself a few years later.

      And I usually reread for the same reasons as you. It’s like, when things are going bad or getting crazy in my life, I know the stories and characters are always reliable.


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