An Absence Explained

Hi there, fellow readers! Some of you may have noticed that for May and most of June, my blogging presence was a little non-existent. For those that don’t want to get into some of the details of my life, suffice it to say I wanted to apologize for being away, and thank you so so so much if you’ve stuck with me. But I did feel that I should explain myself a bit.

There were several things in the past two months that kept me too busy to blog- I got two new jobs, the place I volunteer asked me to do a lot more work to help with their summer programming, and perhaps the biggest issue was that my aunt died, which meant a lot of travel and time spent at family reunions, services, and just dealing with it in general.

Normally, any one of these things wouldn’t have been enough to keep me away, but all clumped together like this made staying on top of my blogging pretty tough. So, instead, I read a few books I didn’t plan on reviewing anyway, reread a few of my favorites, and just counted it as an extended holiday.

I was going to put all this in a monthly wrap-up, but there wasn’t really much to wrap-up, so I decided to just put the explanation out there, and, again, thank you for sticking with me! I’ll probably be back in the swing of things next week!

You guys are the greatest!


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