(My First) Top 5 Tuesday- Fictional Boyfriends

Hi there, fellow readers! For the first time, I’ll be participating in Top 5 Tuesdays! Top 5 Tuesdays is a feature hosted by the amazing Bionic Book Worm (doesn’t she just sound like a super hero?) and this week’s topic was too cute to miss! For a full list of this month’s topics, you can check out Shanah’s post. This week’s topic is Fictional Boyfriends, and I couldn’t resist an opportunity to fangirl, so here we go!

5) Bucky Barnes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe


I’m glad that the list only specifies fictional characters, because I don’t think I could make a list like this without adding The Winter Soldier AKA James Buchanan Barnes. From the very first Captain America film, Bucky has been brave, loyal, funny, and absolutely precious. And in the later movies, as his story got more tragic, I only wanted to protect him that much more. My friend Tricia and I have had many an all-caps text extravaganza trying to convey our feelings for this character.

4) Commander Cullen Rutherford from Dragon Age


I know, I  know, that’s two non-book boyfriends, but they’re both fictional! Cullen is a character from all three of Bioware’s Dragon Age video games, but he’s really only a main character in DA: Inquisition. As the commander of an army, he’s strategic and logical, while still being passionate, kind, and empathetic. He can also be super protective; not in an oppressive way, but in an oh-my-god-you-fight-demons-every-day-and-I-wish-I-could-keep-you-safe sort of way. Also, he’s adorably awkward, and not the secretly smooth kind of awkward. If you romance his character in the game, he’s just so amazed by her that he stumbles over his words and gets all flustered and cute. I could go on for a while, so I’ll leave it at that.

3) Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses

I do have a confession to make here: I’ve only actually read the first book in the series (I know, I know, I’m working on it). So I know Rhys is only going to get better, but I’m already a little in love with him. Everyone I knew said I would hate him for the first book, but everything he did (even some of the more questionable things) I was just thinking, “Oh, you clever bastard.” All the things he did in Book 1, he did for the sake of the people around him, even when it made him uncomfortable or made him out to be the bad guy. And he’s clearly clever, and at least a little kind, even though he tries to hide it.


I want to reiterate this for the comment section: I have only read Book 1 and I have tried to be sososo careful not to see an spoilers, so please don’t ruin anything for me!

2) Faramir from The Lord of the Rings


While movie Faramir is all good and well, he’s got nothing on book Faramir. We’re talking about a man who has seen his brother dead, his father hates him and descends into madness, and his country is just a shadow of what it was, and what he knows it could be, and still he is hopeful for the future, and does everything he can to preserve it. Even though his father clearly favored his older brother, Faramir held no resentment toward him, and did everything he could to help his brother. And don’t even get me started on how perfect he is for Eowyn. I could go on and on about Faramir for ages, but I’ll just leave you with one of my favorite of his quotes:

“I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.”

1) King Edmund from The Chronicles of Narnia


If you’ve been following me for a while, the fact that King Edmund is #1 probably isn’t a surprise. I grew up on The Chronicles of Narnia, so Edmund does have some nostalgia helping him out, but there’s much more about him that I appreciate. I love his character arc, that he goes from being a petulant middle child (something I identify with), and a traitor, to being a king loved by his people and renowned for his wisdom and compassion. Plus, he’s rather quick-witted and can fight battles with words as well as with swords. There will probably never be a time when I am not absolutely in love with Edmund.

That’s it for this week’s feature! Make sure you check out Shanah’s Top 5 post for this week, and tell me about some of your fictional baes in the comments below.


11 thoughts on “(My First) Top 5 Tuesday- Fictional Boyfriends

    • Bucky Barnes is an absolute sweet heart and no one can convince me otherwise.

      And I’ve only read one book and I am in looove with Rhysand 😍😘

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