Happy National Poetry Month!

Hey there fellow readers! I’m back to share the wonders of poetry with you all in celebration of America’s National Poetry Month!

Today’s poems are (of course) two of my favorite poems of all time! Just a heads up, though: for my first Poetry Month Post, I tried to give you guys happier, more lighthearted poems. Today’s poems are not nearly as happy. In fact, they’re actually pretty sad, but they are well-written, well-delivered, and absolutely incredible, so I hope you enjoy them anyway.

I fell in love with this first poem because, as an avid reader and lover of language, it connected with me almost immediately. First up on the list is “Almosts” by Bianca Phipps:

Poem #2 may not be for everybody, but it easily makes it to my top five list. Imagine turning a horrible disease into a villainous character, giving it a voice, and letting it rant through a monologue, and you get Kevin Kantor’s “A Letter From Cancer.” As someone who has felt the effects of cancer in my own life, it was refreshing to hear a cancer poem that wasn’t just sadness and pain. This poem is so well-written, and the way it’s performed is absolutely incredible. So, without further ado, “A Letter From Cancer,” by Kevin Kantor:

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) showing an interest in poetry! What did you think of these two poems? Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Maybe you’re looking for some poetry recs? Let me know in the comments below!


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