Happy National Poetry Month!!

Hey there, fellow readers! Due to some cinnammon rolls I had for breakfast, and a very loving wake-up call from my dog, and I am in a GREAT mood today!

On top of that, IT’S AMERICA’S NATIONAL POETRY MONTH!! As someone who loves poetry and feels it is wildly under-appreciated, I’ve decided that I’ll be posting some poems throughout the month of April. Some of them will be very recent poems, others will be a bit more “classic,” some will be in video forms, others I’ll just type up, because I think they all hold a certain value in our ever-changing culture.

Today’s poem(s) are part of the group of poetry I call my “gateway poems.” There are a handful of poems that turned me from “fiction writer forced to choose another writing track for her degree and thought poetry would be the least awful” to someone who loves and pursues the genre.

So, without any further ado, I present Sarah Kay’s TED Talk. She performs two of her poems, one at the very beginning and one at the very end. I would suggest listening to the whole thing (she talks about the value of stories, experiences, and the written word), but if you’re just here for the poetry, then poem #1 starts straight away, and poem #2 starts at 15:05

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) showing an interest in poetry! Are you celebrating poetry month? Do you have a favorite poem or poet? Maybe you’re looking for some poetry recs? Let me know in the comments below!


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