April Reading Challenge

Hey there fellow readers! It’s the first of the month, which means it’s time for another Monthly Reading Challenge! I’m particularly excited about April because, here in America, it’s National Poetry Month!! If you’ve read a little about me, you might know that I have a degree in Creative Writing, and wrote poetry in college, so National Poetry Month is something I’ve been celebrating for years, and is the main focus of this month’s Reading Challenge!

  1. Go to your local library and read a poetry book with the best looking cover.
  2. Read a story told in verse. You can go old school (think Shakespeare or even Beowulf) or more recent (something like Crank or The Sound of Letting Go, both on my own TBR list).
  3. Read a book of spoken/slam/performance poetry. Read some of them out loud and see if speaking/hearing them changes the way you perceive them. (A few suggestions if you need them: #1, #2, #3.)
  4. Read a book where one of the characters is a writer.
  5. Read a book written by someone from your hometown, or as near as you can find.

As always, this reading challenge is only a suggestion; there are five suggestions a month, one for each week. Feel free to do more, or only do one! The point of these challenges is to keep people reading, and try to expand our reading horizons.

Let me know which challenges you completed, which books you enjoyed, or any challenges you’re taking upon yourself this month in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “April Reading Challenge

    • Thank you! I’m probably going to re-read a few of my favorite poetry collections. I also have an edition of Beowulf that Tolkien edited that I’ve had for years, but STILL haven’t read, so I’m probably going to read that one, too.

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