March Reading Challenge

Here in the good ole US of A, March is Women’s History Month (Women’s Day is March 8th) and Irish-American Heritage Month. As an American woman of Irish descent, and as someone who loves breathing the first breaths of Spring, I look forward to March every year! Naturally, I’m also really excited about this month’s Reading Challenge:

  1. Read a book written by a woman
  2. Read a book written during or about the suffragette movement
  3. Read a book of Irish poetry (many of my favorite poets are Irish), or read a collection of Irish fairytales
  4. Read a book written by an author born in Ireland
  5. Read a book from Barnes and Noble’s Irish-American list

Remember, reading challenges are only suggestions. There are five suggestions a month, one for each week. Feel free to do more, or only do one! The point of these challenges is to keep people reading, and to try to expand our reading horizons. Let me know which challenges you completed, which books you enjoyed, or any challenges you took upon yourself this month!

Let me know what books you’re reading this month, or if you accept any of my challenges in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “March Reading Challenge

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